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The Gospel Fellowship Trust of India (GFTI) initiated a ministry known as Assembly Bible and Training Institute, (ABTI) way back in 1974. The purpose of ABTI was to impart a sound Biblical education to young people from the assemblies who have a basic vision to serve the Lord in India. The late Dr. Justus Samuel was mainly responsible for founding this Bible school ministry. The others who lent their support included Messrs, T.G. Samuel, G. Ritchie, M.S. Liddle, P.M. Abraham, George V. Thomas etc. The names are only illustrative and not exhaustive. ABTI began as a ministry in Pune availing of the accommodation offered by Zenana Training Home. GFTI was encouraged by this humble beginning and the ministry was enlarged after its transfer of operations to Madras (now Chennai) in 1977. ABTI ministry received a fillip in 1986 when a separate trust was formed for this purpose and the name was changed to Stewards Bible College. Though the curriculum of the institution was suitably expanded and upgraded, the basic vision remained unaltered. SBC is not to function as merely a theological academic centre but as an assembly backed one, which would impart sound Biblical education to potential youth.

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Spiritual: The prime qualification, emphasized is spiritual. Therefore the candidate must be born again and baptized enjoying the commendation of a local assembly.